Cortices Technique (Self-help Technique)
by Irene Khor


How does BodyTalk work?
An example of it's integrative approach with Cancer


Who can learn BodyTalk?

Radio 938Live
Interview with Dr. John Veltheim

Part 1

Part 2

Part 1
What is BodyTalk?

Dr John Veltheim, the president and founder of the BodyTalk System, talks about how and why this consciousness based health care system sets ...

Part 2
The Concept of Diagnosis

Diagnosis is more then just a label. Dr. Velthiem discusses the need for a true and complete diagnosis that looks at the root of the problem, not ...

Part 3
Innate (Intuitive)Wisdom

In this video Dr. John Veltheim discusses Innate Wisdom and how it can be used to help identify what's going on in the body. John also explains the dynamic of becoming in tune with Innate ...

Part 4
Use of intuition in the Bodytalk System

In this video Dr. John Veltheim explores the different uses of intuition in the context of BodyTalk ...

Part 5
The Intuitive Process with the Bodytalk System


In this video Dr. John Veltheim further describes the use of The Intuitive Process with the innate wisdom to identify problems in the body. John uses real world examples to explain his point and describe the intuitive process.

Part 6
What is Consciousness

In this video Dr. John Veltheim discusses "manifestation", "consciousness", "quantum mechanics" and "ipods"...

Part 7
Consciousness Based Healthcare

Dr. John Veltheim continues his talks about how Bodytalk uses the "Downward Causality" model.

Part 8
Principles of Consciousness

In this video Dr John Veltheim discusses key principles of consciousness including, standing waves, morhogenic fields, electromagnetic fields, the power of observation, probabilities and possibilities...

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