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Testimonials (BodyTalk Fundamentals Training)

My BodyTalk Training(s) Experience - ..."I can no longer lose my attention..."

I attended BodyTalk Fundamentals seminar twice already. Both are totally different experience.

From the first one, I learned the theoretical side and the second one taught me more on the practical area of BodyTalk Fundamentals. Maybe because Instructors vary in their approach, or maybe because my mind also receives things at it's own pace.

Then I joined BodyTalk Access Outreachers project in the Philippines thrice. News came that there will be a BodyTalk Access workshop will be taught in Manila in early 2014. I have not done that workshop yet so I showed interest. Some colleagues encouraged me to attend, but others say that the techniques in BodyTalk Access are already taught in BodyTalk Fundamentals - so it might just be a waste of time and money.

So I let that workshop pass without joining.

Then came the next BodyTalk Access Workshop - I expressed to the Instructor Irene Khor that I will be the workshop coordinator and at the same time I would like to be her student. She agreed. Initially, I thought attending the workshop is just for formality, for I need the Access Technician certificate to become an Access Outreacher. But the moment the workshop began I already realized I was wrong!!!.

I can no longer lose my attention when Irene was teaching. She carefully and beautifully explain every detail of each techniques. She gave time for interactions and question and answers. Most of the time new things and ideas will come up aside from many food for thoughts. The workshop with Irene Khor feels like a family having a precious moment of conversation, bonding, play, learn and having fun. It was a totally different experience from what at first I thought it would be... (Just for formality and for the certificate).

Every seminar really is different, every workshop is amazing. It doesn't mean that when you already attended one, you already know it all.

- Remar (Student & Workshop Coordinator, Philippines)

Since the Workshop on November 28th, 2014, Remar has been keeping in touch with the participants and report their feedback >>> www.facebook.com/BodyTalkAccess.SG

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Groundedness

I really appreciated Irene Khor's style of teaching. I felt she is very grounded, very open with sharing all she knew, with no agenda. A real blessing to have had the opportunity to know and learn from Irene. Brava! I look forward in attending other BodyTalk modules.

- Patricia

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Organized and Clear

On the overall, the BodyTalk Fundamentals course was very organized and very clearly carried out by the Instructor. I look for more such BT courses being orgainized in Manila.

- Shalini

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Planning sequence

I like that Irene is clear and precise, has good planning in sequence of topics to teach. (she pairs a more difficult technique with an easier ne so as to aid us in learning). This is the first IBA/BodyTalk course that I don't feel like I've fallen behind from being "lost". The lesson was really clear and simple and I'm glad I'm more familiar with BodyTalk Fundamentals now. Enjoyed levelling up my BodyTalk skills in this course. Thank you Irene!

- YiTing

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Feel safe to "make mistakes"

I like the examples and Instruction made time to review every morning. Organized presentation. The chance to know if i really got-it with opportunity to "make mistakes" by feel safe to ask questions.

- Unnamed

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Untangle complicated concepts

The handling of the Instructor. Its was a complicated topic but she was able to help to untangle concepts. The practise sessions were helpful.

- Unnamed

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Concise and Informative

The way the BodyTalk Fundamentals course was presented, it was clear, concise and very informative.

- Unnamed

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Simplicity and patience

I liked the open mind of Irene and her simplicity to explain the Course and her patience over our repetitive questions.

- Unnamed

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Structured and Interactive

Class materials presented in a structured and timely manner. Interactive learning experience with sufficient time for practise.

- Lana

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Organized and Clear

This course gave me an extra set of skills. Its was a good course. I am very inspired to further practise and develop my knowledge of BodyTalk.

- Shalini

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... Patience and clarity

Irene is a great Instructor. She is very patient and clear in her delivery.

- Unnamed

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... clariy for monitors

The course was presented in a very clear manner. It is only now (after several reviews of the course) that i do practise sessions and i understand what i am supposed to do,am able to do sessions "properly". I am very glad i finally understood how to do BodyTalk. A lot of the concepts and techniques are now clear. I am more confident of my sessions.

- Gina

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... clariy for monitors

It's always good to monitor (review) a class more than once. What i like about the Course is Irene's clear way of explaning and there's lots of practise time. Wonderful class and I learn new things again after attending with different Instructors for at least the 5th time.

- Lucia

BodyTalk Fundamentals - ... clariy for monitors

I have more confidence now in practising sessions, unlike last year when I attended the first time.

- Celia

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