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 •  Sigrid Grobys N.D.

 •  Melanie Kulkarni

Occupational Therapy
  •  Else Strom Vistisen

Vision Therapy Treatment
  •  Zoran Pejic

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Our Affiliates

We believe in supporting your healing journey by respecting the body's need for different modalities. The approach of 'right treatment', 'right place', 'right timing' expedites your healing process exponentially. Awakening Touch is proud to be affiliated with the following partners.

 - Sigrid Grobys N.D.

Philosophy: At An Apple a Day, gourmet food meets healthy living in a way that fits perfectly into your world. We offer you a unique combination of Personal Chef services and highly individualized Naturopath consultations.

Vision: We believe that anyone is capable of staying or becoming healthy, provided their bodies are supplied with the right building blocks. These include resources like physical activity, a stress-free environment and proper nutrition made from quality ingredients.


Naturopath, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine
 - Melanie Kulkarni

Philosophy: To inspire and empower others to take care of themselves in a truly holistic way.

Vision: Improving health and vigor, as well as a deep sense of well-being through positive lifestyle changes, which includes healthy eating and exercise, supported by herbal medicine, flower essences, natural supplements and reflexology.


Occupational Therapy
 - Else Strom Vistisen

Philosophy: You will be treated with the gentle touch and serene environment at Combined Therapies.

Vision: Else’s love & commitment for this healing art form grew as she witnessed many people benefiting effectively in attaining gentle and natural relief from pain or other physical discomfort.


Vision Therapy
 - Zoran Pejic

Philosophy: Providing deeper understanding of the relationship between mind matters and vision. Zoran aims to bridge vision, education, and psychology.

Vision: To educate you and your family so that you can understand and learn to appreciate the links between vision, learning and your emotional reality. We carry out a vision assessment, provide vision development tools and recommend simple exercises with a slight change in your visual habits.



IBA (International BodyTalk Association)

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