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Mindscape™ – Keys to Developing Structure-Intuition
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Manila, Philippines

Jul 14, 2017 (Fri: 2:00pm-6.00pm),
Jul 15 & 16, 2017 (Sat & Sun: 9:30am-6.00pm)
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Through history, mankind has been seeking to find a tool where man can use his mind to his full capacity.

Scientists have been telling us that the brain-mind utlisation is nowhere near it's full capacity, despite the many researches conducted over hundreds of years.

It was once believed that as we aged, the brain's networks became fixed. Loss of neurons is thought to be irreversible in the adult human brain. In the past two decades (1990’s), however, an enormous amount of research has revealed that the brain never stops changing and adjusting, and that led to its widespread scientific acceptance of this new discovery.

Modern scientific research acknowledge that the brain is a super computer, that we have no less than 10 billion of these neurons, each with the ability to handle up to 100,000 inputs. Today we know that it is actually each of the neurons (brain cells) that make up the brain that is a computer in itself. This information takes it much further than we ever imagined, where the mind as being so much more than a mere computing or thinking device and the implications of its maximum capabilities are truly awesome!

One important implication is its pivotal role in man’s health and wholeness. We are today very aware how our mind can affect our body, and the way that subconscious mindsets and belief systems can determine our state of health is today widely known by every holistic therapist.

Learning is the ability to acquire new knowledge or skills through instruction or experience. Memory is the process by which that knowledge is retained over time. The capacity of the brain to change with learning is plasticity.

Changes in how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain neural connections, as well as plastic changes during brain repair following injury, is called neuroplasticity.

Neurogenesis is the process where new neurons are generated in the brain, linked to changes in neuroplasticity, which is referring to changes in synapses and neural pathways in the brain.

Throughout ages, mankind has discovered that certain techniques allow the mind to reward the user with the ability to achieve outstanding abilities and to achieve more in life. From the indigenous shaman who communicates with nature, to the inventor who taps into specific mental states for heightened creative thinking.

Knowledge has always been power, and often these methods were kept secret, passed down to a privileged few. Today, this knowledge has been streamlined with modern scientific findings and is more available than ever before. These techniques are taught in MindScape™.

It is a highly creative state of mind but promptly ready to use one’s left brain logical brain where all knowledge, understanding and mathematical mind as way to provide a structure to this mental state.

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What will you be learning?

Mindscape™ workshop highlights the differences between Location AND Functions of your Brain & Mind.

You'll learn how to re-wire and re-pair the Neuropathways from the hardwired brain and regenerated nerve cells (Neurogenesis) to form new connections and ways of doing things. This allows every human mind to stretch beyond its "conditioned limitations”, into “infinite possibilities”.

You’ll learn to tap into the dynamism of your (subconscious)mind at will, to tap into:-

  • Unlimited imagination,

  • Unlimited perception of ourselves,

  • Connect with collective consciousness,

  • Self-realization

  • . . . . . etc.

In the Mindscape workshop, the Instructor will guide you through:-

  • Re-build the “bridge" that separated you from your subconscious, with structured guidance and steps.

  • Set up and use a Framework to engage with the "language" of subconscious.

  • Make new neuro-connections using both physical and subtle senses.

  • Get-in-touch with your Inner-Voice, to gain clarity about your Strength-Weakness.

  • Embark on Mind Journeys (commonly known as remote-viewing) to communicate beyond Time & Space ( including nature, past, future…).

  • Mental scanning - an exercise which validate your ability to connect with the universal / collective consciousness.

  • Reignite your dormant ‘childlike-qualities’ to connect with your creativity and suppressed passions.

  • And much more...

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The benefits and uses of Mindscape™ are many.

Among the most well-known are:

  • Unlock vast possibilities and your potential for self discovery, self-healing, self-trust, new experiences, and relationships with people, in family, business, work, school, and community...etc

  • Discover your ability to link to the universal consciousness

  • Unwind and de-stress the bodymind, and restore self-healing mechanisms through rest

  • Enhance creativity to come up with creative solutions, and explore options with “out-of-box” thinking

  • Improve your learning abilities and problem solving skills (e.g. better concentration, awareness, discover own learning style)

  • Train the imagination skills

  • Seek for message from a loved one

  • Mental training to transcend limiting beliefs and confined mental ability, and utilize this ability for any type of performance scenarios (public speaking, athletic events, exams, surgery and recovery process)

  • Resolve conflicts within yourself and with others more purposefully and effectively

  • Overcome your mental limitations, societal expectations, self doubt, fears and barriers.

  • For therapists - ability to tune in to patients at various deep levels of being and even enables the practitioner to treat at a distance

  • For work - develop business ideas, relationships (with clients/staff/peers/leaders), improve productivity and decision making, and gain better clarity over doubt.

  • For learning - Stronger concentration, memory and learning abilities, aware of resistance towards learning, create of own learning style)

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How can Mindscape™  be applied in your daily activities?

  • Therapist uses Mindscape in distance treatments by entering into the alpha mind state

  • Gain greater understanding in situations where a conflict arises with another person, by inviting the person into her Mindscape "living room" to investigate the issues and obtain a different perspective on the problem

  • Prepare for future activity (lectures, workshops, presentation, examination, sports) by 'testing out' new approaches via mental rehearsals - creative ideas and insights often appear

  • Use Mindscape to relax and unwind, to refresh yourself and recharge her batteries

  • Other application includes... awareness of the limitless potential of the mind, jetlag for frequent travelers... etc.

Mindscape™ is a superb way of unlocking the potential of our mind and using it to enhance our life and our work in so many ways.


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