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BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration Course (3 Days)
- BodyTalk Fundamentals

Feb 26-28, 2018 (Mon - Wed) 9:30am - 5:30pm
Early Bird Fee: SGD 800  (by Jan 26, 2018)
Normal Fee: SGD 900 (after Jan 28, 2017)
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Fundamentals Integration (Singapore)

Practical skills NOT covered in the BodyTalk Fundamentals classroom nor in your manual.
The blueprint that supports your practice and accomplish a vision in helping others, empowering to both parties!

Course Overview

  • Debrief session to clients - objectively and constructively.

  • Depth of knowledge makes interpreting BodyTalk formulas meaningful and empowering to clients. Deepen understanding BodyTalk formula (Concepts & Consciousness of techniques).

  • How-to introduce/describe BodyTalk to potential clients.

  • Enhance mirror-ing and observation skills as a Quantum Observer.

Who attend this Course?

This course is designed for BodyTalk students to delve deeper into the practical aspects towards doing BodyTalk sessions professionally.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be inspired to do the following, and gain confidence to:

ü Start your Practise (business, part-time, passion/personal) according to your own needs and purpose

ü Identify strengths (where to focus and continue to grow) & manage weaknesses, through the mirroring concept ~ Where you focus expands; What you nurture grows!.

ü Identify and differentiate between these skills:
          - Revealing BodyTalk formula
          - Understand the formula innate has revealed through you
          - Interpret your understanding of the formula to client
          - Debrief your understanding of interpreted formula to clients

ü How-to introduce/describe BodyTalk to potential clients

Why attend this Course?

"This course varies from Instructor to Instructor" - IBA.

Irene Khor has crafted this course delicately in supporting your practising BodyTalk skilfully and purposefully!

"Having practised BodyTalk for 11-years, coordinated courses for 8-years and facilitated studygroups for 6-years; led me to design the Fundamentals Integration course the way it is now, for these main reasons:-

  • Deepen the understanding of the consciousness of each of the BodyTalk techniques

  • The depth of knowledge makes interpreting BodyTalk formulas meaningful and empowering to clients

  • How to explain What is BodyTalk to new and potential clients

  • Enhance objectivity in your practise (non attachment to outcome)

  • Where to start and how to proceed as a Business."

   If these are some of your main aim, this course if for you!:

- Revealing BodyTalk formula from innate
   - Understand & Interpret your understanding of the formula
   - Debrief your understanding of interpreted formula to clients

   In the course, you'll get to practise these:

  • Practise In-person, Surrogate and Distant session

  • Exploring Procedures - Expand use of Physiology & Other Systems using with your own knowledge, experience and background (e.g. Parent, Child, Accountant, Secretary, Architect, Doctor, Reiki, Physiotherapist...etc)

  • Anticipating client's common concerns

  • How-To address the ‘challenging’ aspects to address client's agenda and managing expectations

  • How-To remain objective, present and ways to LISTEN constructively

Course Outline

  • Setting-the-stage: Identify your platform (business, part-time, passion/personal, altruism ... others)

  • Identify strengths & weakness through the mirroring concept (Where you focus expands; What you nurture grows). 

  • Cultivate strengths, Track progress, Manage weaknesses

  • What is BodyTalk to you 

  • Agenda: differentiate between your and clients

  • Discipline versus Distractions

  • Know your technique, before using them - explore the functional aspects and Principles behind each BodyTalk Technique.

  • Understand it's implications at different levels - Psychological, Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual...etc… 

  • Managing client’s expectations - with the art-of-listening principle: “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood” (How to 'listen' to the body, the formula, and to client/family/friends) 

  • Active Listening Skills Exercise - Understanding vs. Assumption

  • Perform full session and document BodyTalk formula 

  • Understand BodyTalk formula, “interpret” Techniques, before debrief the entire session, objectively. (One can't translate before understanding)

  • Ways to book, perform and debrief distant session

  • Principles of giving Constructive Feedback and avoid Unsolicited Advise

  • Introducing BodyTalk to new and potential clients/family/friends - The BoyScout Metaphor

  • Review the importance and implications of Permissions in BodyTalk

  • Discussion about how to prepare for the CBP Certification

  • Elaborate on using the Appendices in the back of the Fundamentals manual.

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:
    - Why BodyTalkers don't feel drained after session, can't absorb 'negative' energy from others; how to work with agendas; when and how much to charge for session, how to book Follow-up appointments…etc.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the student will:

  • A better sense of direction and clarify of your destination with BodyTalk

  • Describe how to professionally explain a session, and formulas to a client.

  • Demonstrate confidence with their muscle checking.

  • Deepen understand of the Exploring Procedure, and the meanings of Details, More Specific, Orientation, Definition, Link, Implementation, Tap Out, Specific Tapping, Hand Placements, Breathing.

  • Describe all of the Fundamental techniques and how to perform sessions on clients.

  • Describe how to use the appendices in the back of the Fundamentals manual.

  • Discuss BodyTalk with potential new clients.

  • Describe how to prepare for the CBP exam.

  • Other objectives addressed will be dependent on the Instructor teaching the course and students' level of understanding BodyTalk.

This course counts for 24 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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