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The BodyTalk SystemTM- BodyTalk Fundamentals Course
Instructor: Irene Khor

Apr 28th - May 1st,  2018
(Sat - Tue) 9:30am - 6:00pm
Early Bird: SGD 1,550  (by Mar 28th, 2018)
Normal: SGD 1,650 (after Mar 28th, 2018)
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BT Fundamentals (Singapore)

The BodyTalk SystemTM ~

  • A non-diagnostic approach to Healthcare.

  • BodyTalk assists the Practitioner to retrieve from the body, "contributing factors" that led to the symptoms or disease, so it can be addressed.

  • Once those underlying factors are fully resolved, it brings about complete healing and prevent from future recurrence.

You will receive a comprehensive manual and certificate upon completion of the course.

This course presents both scientific and philosophical aspects of health, as well as a hands-on practical application of the BodyTalk Fundamentals techniques.

You can learn to help self, others, or consider to pursue with the Certification process to to be a healthcare practitioner in future. (Certification process is optional).

What makes BodyTalk different?

  • It's inverse-approach: Resolution vs Treatment

  • Inclusive and Integrative

  • Stand-alone and Open System


What BodyTalk Practitioner learns and example of BodyTalk's approach with Cancer.

Course Overview

Anyone can learn BodyTalk. You do not need to have any background in Healthcare to learn The BodyTalk System.

This 4-days course provides the practitioner a "map" of the "whole person" and a structured system to guide you, to reveal factors required by the body, for healing to take place.


The BodyTalk System: Non-diagnostic Healthcare modality.

Why learn BodyTalk?

Seeking to address the "whole person", a BodyTalk session reveals the underlying causes along with a series of events that led to manifesting in symptoms and dis-ease. Since each individual is unique, each symptom attempts to convey a unique message to it's 'beholder'.

Those underlying factors includes factors from environmental, biochemical and ancestral in addition to the individuals's experience, value and attitude, must be addressed for symptoms or dis-ease to be fully resolved.

Treating surface problems provides a symptomatic relieve and can compromise the real power in body's attempt to heal the "whole person", which lies in the discovery of the story behind the symptoms.

What you will be learning

BodyTalk Fundamentals introduces the key elements of dis-ease manifestation of a wide variety of health conditions that are often not included in other health care practices.

Students will first learn the consciousness-based scientific principles, along with the theory behind The BodyTalk System including:

● our innate wisdom and how to use it during the sessions,

● how to engage your intuition in a structured way,

● the importance of communication in the body,

● using muscle checking and a structured protocol to discern areas of the body and mind that are a priority to balance, and much more.

This will then lead into learning all of the basic BodyTalk techniques and how to apply them in a BodyTalk session.


[VIDEO]: How a BodyTalk Session looks like.

Course Outline

  • History of BodyTalk and the Founder, Dr. John Veltheim

  • Key Concepts:
        - The Scientific Basis of BodyTalk
        - Consciousness Based Health Care
        - Consciousness Localized as Innate Wisdom
        - The Zone
        - Principles of Muscular Biofeedback
        - Priority and the Sequence of Healing
        - The Tapping Procedure
        - Breathing Principles
        - BodyTalk Procedures
        - Developing the Concept of Session Readiness
        - Development of Practitioner Technical Understanding & Skills:

  • Balancing the body basics:
        - Hydration, Scars, Cortices of the Brain, and more

  • Addressing environmental imbalances - Energy faults and communication blocks with in the brain.

  • Balancing Techniques for the organs, endocrines and body parts.

  • Addressing energy blockages within chakras and meridians.

  • Balancing cellular damage from vaccinations, trauma, and hereditary influences.

  • Clearing the body of viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances, allergies and toxins.

  • Clearing past and present emotional blockages, including active memories, phobias and fears.

  • Addressing blockages within the lymphatic system.

  • Balancing blockages in the circulation of lymph, blood and nerves.

  • Balancing blockages in the bodies tissues using the reciprocals concepts.

  • Emergency BodyTalk procedure; Fast Aid.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant will:

  1. Learn the 3 key scientific models that lead to our current understanding of health

  2. Learn the 5 different levels of the bodymind and Top/Down Causation

  3. Understand how BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health care system

  4. Learn how consciousness operates in the bodymind

  5. Learn what is meant by the Innate wisdom of the practitioner and the client and its aspects and function

  6. Learn what occurs when the synchronicity of the bodymind is disrupted

  7. Understand the importance of left and right brain integration and the Zone

  8. Understand the muscle checking technique as used during a BodyTalk session

  9. Understand the importance of the principles of BodyTalk which include: The body has an innate ability to heal itself Using our own innate wisdom and the art of muscle checking along with a structured protocol and procedure to discern the areas of priority and the sequence of balancing

  10. Discuss how the "interference" of the following can limit results of BodyTalk; Attention Vs. Intention Priority Vs. problem Agenda Vs. non-agenda Attachment VS. non-attachment Caring Vs. not caring

  11. Understand the five functions of breathing and principles of tapping

  12. Understand the concept of receiving permissions before and during a BodyTalk session and how to "clear" them for both practitioner and client

  13. Through lecture, demonstration, and practice the participant will learn to use the BodyTalk balancing techniques in Fundamentals and will experience the techniques as the recipient.

At this Fundamentals workshop you will learn how BodyTalk can help you and many of your clients/patients as well as your family & friends.

The BodyTalk SystemTM will change your life and your perceptions forever. Come & Join our BodyTalk family.

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