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"Awakening Touch has always been a space which accompanies me on my journey to self-discovery, and living responsibly from the heart.

May this be your platform too that ignites and guides you in your sacred path." 

Irene Khor
Director, Awakening Touch

Latest Update

Clinic Relocation since Nov 26, 2014

Sessions are now available from:-
501, Bukit Timah Road
#04-04, Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
(Botanic Gardens MRT)

Oct 22, 2016
BodyTalk Access with Irene Khor

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Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines
From November 2014, Irene has commuting between Singapore and neighbouring countries and offering BodyTalk sessions and teaches BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk Fundamentals and MindScape. Contact Irene if you like any of these course to be taught the areas you are residing.

April 24, 2012
The BodyTalk System Published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research. Follow news at 

November 2010

Dr. John Veltheim (Founder of The BodyTalk System) was in Singapore in November 2010 and was interviewed by Radio938 Live.
Tune-in to the recorded show here

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Awakening Touch's work philosophy is to care and listen to both your spoken words and unspoken health concerns and enhance your healing process. You will experience healing to a desirable state of completeness, as we work with you through different stages of healing and levels of mind - from conscious, subconscious to superconscious mind.

You are welcomed to Awakening Touch for your healing, that may be due to either:-

  • physical injury/ailments that has recently been incurred during a sport practice or an accident, or a past injury which hasn’t completely healed;
  • a challenging phase in life either emotionally, psychologically or spiritually which you may find extremely difficult to go through especially when it involves immense emotional trauma, shock or stress;
  • aligning the path of living consciously.

It is NOT our vision to make you a "better person", but to assist the healing the nature of conflict. Within life’s conflicts, lies the potential for making peace with the deep-seated beliefs that wreak havoc in you, so that you can 'come home' to yourself and make peace and live honestly from within.

We are committed to your tailor-made healing journey and will ensure comfort when you arrive for your treatment, heal and go back to your daily activities with a sense of completeness.

We are constantly amazed with the successful results by integrating mainly the Eastern Medicine and BodyEcology techniques together with BreakThrough™, MindScape & Family Constellation concepts with BodyTalk. The major assets of these advanced techniques are their simplicity, safety and the speed of results.

Irene Khor, the Director of Awakening Touch, believes that they can guide you through your own healing abilities. "What does that mean?" you ask.

Irene: "I have always been grateful, that in many phases in my life there were moments where I almost gave up on myself, there has always has been 'someone' out there - believing in me and reminded me and guided me to trust and love myself once again.

Awakening Touch has been that place for me, and its my dream and wish that it can be yours too - a place or platform which listens and accompany you to find that within you and ignites that sense of purpose and self-empowering on your healing path."

Contact us today for guidance to help you find your own healing abilities.


IBA (International BodyTalk Association)

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